simply put, I work from my home
so you can better enjoy yours

Take a look at my packages below to see what fits your business needs best; &
 feel free to reach out to
me for a consultation & custom quote! 

let me step in when you need to step out. 

Through my love of workflows and simplified routines, we will work together to create systems in your business that work for you, not against you.

I know what it’s like to miss out on family-time because you’re drowning in work.

Here at Emily in Love, I want to support your business & love on your clients so you can spend your time digging into what matters most … whatever that is for you! 

that's where I come in.

The list is endless & you don’t know where to start...

How is any of that actually possible when you have emails, inquiries & never-ending to-do lists?
  There are clients who need extra attention, blog posts to write & newsletters to send. 

...but that feels like a bit of a dream.

You’d love to sit down & enjoy dinner with your family together.

You’d love to take relaxing bubble baths & fall in love with the characters in your books.

You’d love to have time to take a long walk with your pup, or to randomly wander the aisles of Target with your favorite Starbucks beverage.

you’d love a spontaneous day off or date night.

but you don't have time to enjoy it.

you have a life at home that you love even more than your business, 

you've built an amazing business and you love it so much
...yet it’s starting to feel like it’s running YOU.
What happened to the flexibility and creativity of
being a work-from-home business owner?

a lot.

& I know you do, too!

I love my
family & I
love my home.

their families & their homes.

Hi, I'm Emily!

I’ve spent the last 2 years building a business so my clients can get back to what
they love most:

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simply put, I work from my home
so you can better enjoy yours.

My goal is to simplify the process,
so I’ve created THREE packages with your business in mind: 

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This package is currently completely booked for 2018. Please contact me to be added to the waitlist, or see if another offering will be a good fit for you!

All clients receive priority email access and a joint Trello board for streamlined communication.


Think of me as your own personal project manager

With the Emily in Love Full Service Package,
I am by your side every step of the way. This package includes 15+ hours per month to help ease the stress of every-day-business
to-do’s and allow you to focus on the
long-term vision of your company.

Need help with a variety of business tasks so you can continue to grow your business, take on new projects & launch new offerings?



full service

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click here to contact me

Please contact me to learn more specific details & find out if this package is the right one for you! 

All clients receive priority email access and a joint Trello board for streamlined communication.

Full Blog Audit: track your workflow for every
single blog post & understand what’s working
& what’s not in your content marketing 

Content Scheduling: scheduling your blog,
newsletter & social media posts

Graphics on Demand: graphics for your
business marketing needs

Client Onboarding & Management

Then, I will take over various tasks in your business.
A few examples include: 

a proven system to organize all of your
clients & business to-do’s. 

I will work with you to focus on setting up workflows &
automations for your business, as well as planning & implementing

In this package, I come alongside you for 5+ hours per month to make your life and business run more efficiently & effectively.

Ready to bring on a detail-oriented expert to help you get the job done, so you can focus on all the other things you’d like to be doing? 

Drowning in the day-to-day workflow of your business? 


virtual assistance
on call


virtual assistance on call

click here to contact me

click here to contact me

Please contact me to learn more specific details & find out if this package is the right one for you! 

All clients receive priority email access and a joint Trello board for streamlined communication.

new website content scheduled weekly

branded, eye-catching graphics

custom pin schedule through a combination of
manual & automated pins

Optimized, keyword rich profile, board & pin descriptions

With this package, you can expect me to complete a variety of tasks for your Pinterest account. a few examples include: 


With the Emily in Love Pinterest Management package, I work with you to optimize your Pinterest account so it becomes

here's where I come in!

You know you need to utilize Pinterest for more than just fashionable outfits and dreamy kitchens…but you don’t have the time to add one more thing to your plate!

Let’s fall in love with Pinterest all over again! 

pinterest management




I hired Emily at a time in my business where I was overwhelmed and unable to handle #allthethings being thrown my way. I needed someone that I could trust, because I have always had a fear of letting go of responsibility in my small business. After all, our businesses are our babies! I initially brought her on for Pinterest management alone, telling myself that anything else was too much to hand over to someone else to do. But, within weeks, I had Emily as a full-time member of my team completing tasks that freed up HOURS of my time. She goes above and beyond in everything that she does, and strives to make my life easier in any way that she can. She truly understands the demands of small business owners, and she intentionally designs her services to relieve stress and provide more freedom in the lives of her clients. My only regret is that I didn't discover her virtual assisting services sooner!

- hope taylor
hope taylor photography

Hiring Emily was the best investment I could have made in my business! Since bringing her on board, I have not only tripled my income but I feel as though I have a “partner in crime”. She is incredibly detail oriented and has such a servant heart & attitude. She handles administrative tasks that were weighing me down, and allows me to have the time & energy to be a visionary in my business. I am so honored she is apart of my team & can’t imagine life without her!! Let go of the fear of bringing on a team member; I have a feeling you need Emily, too!

- Kat & Matt Schmoyer
Creative at Heart Conference

Emily is one of my absolute favorite people to work with! She is incredibly detail oriented, and she’s always one step ahead of the game! I’m a person who has trouble letting go of control, but when Emily is a part of my team, I can actually relax, because I KNOW she has things under control! She’s dependable, conscientious, and I’m always so impressed with her work! She also has the sweetest personality, so working with her is not only productive—it’s also fun! I’ve worked with her on several different projects, and she’s gone above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly! I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about her!